Don't Have A ROCC Group? - Get One!


Small groups are a vital part of our vision for believers to experience authentic community that allows for them to grow in Christ by applying God’s word to their life and walking with fellow believers. Our mission is to multiply Christ-followers who love God, love others, and serve both and ROCC Groups create the perfect environment for that to happen. 


What is it?

ROCC is an acronym for Relational, Open, Christ-Centered, Community Groups. Each group has two lead couples. One couple leads the discussion, and the other couple hosts the group. Because we value fellowship and want to see relationships grow, we make time each week to get to know one another after our discussion time by enjoying a small dessert or snack together.

What can I expect?

Every group is open and welcoming for people to join at any time. Feel free to visit the different ROCC groups till you find one where you feel comfortable. ROCC groups foster deeper relationships where believers can encourage, serve, and love one another and bear one another's burdens.

What do we talk about?

ROCC groups also complement the sermon by allowing for a more interactive and applicational study of the Scriptures. Each week we review the sermon that was preached on Sunday.

Check out an example study guide here.


Our ROCC Groups meet on various nights around Harrisonville, Peculiar and Pleasant Hill click here to see the different locations.